Monday, 27 February 2017

Manic Monday

Today ended up being quite a busy day, despite initially seeming like a quite uneventful one.  A lovely walk to work, punctuated by several fly pasts by the local geese, led on to a productive day at work, which was followed by Mr. Colin heading off to fire training, where they apparently got through lots of they claim, anyway! Miss Florence was also in attendance at fire checks, so at least they had someone sensible in charge!  
I  arrived home to discover that the parents had made it over to Lismore, against all expectations.  Lots of happy children were to be found fussing over Grandma and Seanair!  A busy evening was spent doing "my numbers" (Alasdair) and "grrrrrr....MATHS!!!!!" (Ealasaid), with Ruairidh contributing by eating gargantuan quantities of ice cream!  I then set out to make a quick dinner, which ended up being the kind of feast that would have taken a Chinese restaurant several days to prepare...I felt it was well worth the effort when Dad, who isn't a huge Chinese fan, commented on my Chinese efforts by saying, "I could eat that".  He wasn't even kidding...he was being majorly complimentary!  

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Thinking Day Parade

Today saw this year's Thinking Day Parade being held in St. Modan's Church, Benderloch.  Ealasaid was lucky enough to be chosen for the Colour Party, so there was much excitement this morning - on the part of the adults, that is, as Miss E just takes it all in her stride.  We actually managed to arrive more or less on time, which is quite miraculous for us.  Ealasaid went off to collect her flag and the rest of us trooped into the church.  It was quite a tight squeeze, all six of us in one rather short pew, but at least it gave the boys less wriggle room.  
The Colours were brought in during the first hymn.  The Guides and Cubs all did their jobs very well, like mini professionals.  It was a lovely service, with Jeff MacCormick, the minister, captivating the children as usual with his address.  The children are learning more and more about the traditions and practices of bearing the Colours as the years progress - the Colours were lowered during the National Anthem at the end of the service, something which they weren't always aware of in previous years.  Lovely to see so many of the children singing the National Anthem too - again, not many of them knew the words a year or two back, so they've learned a lot recently.  The poor things then had to stand out in the pouring rain while the congregation left the church - they were remarkably cheerful about it all though.

We had a tea and coffee in the Hall after the service, followed by a lovely soup lunch in the Victory Hall.  The Guides did all of the serving themselves - they were excellent waitresses and all showed remarkable confidence and composure.  It was then time for a quick rush for the 2pm ferry, as there was another storm forecast, so we couldn't risk waiting till the 4pm.  So far so good, but it was still good to get home early and have a relaxed afternoon and evening after a lovely, but busy morning.  

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Windy Day

Thought I'd better get on here early today, in case we're all blown away by the wind later today!  It's a tad stormy here...especially spectacular sounding upstairs in our houses, where you would think the roof was about to take off.  The first couple of boats have already had to be cancelled due to the conditions and the Calmac boats are on amber alert.  Any poor soul who has to put their nose outside the door today has my sympathy!  

Friday, 24 February 2017

Preparing to Celebrate

No work today, so it was a good opportunity to meet up with some Community Trust colleagues to get on with the next stage of preparations for the island's "Celebrate" event.  We have received funding to hold a party to thank all those who have contributed in so many ways to island life over the years...decades, in fact.  Maybe not the first choice of event for a veggie, but even in spite of the Hog Roast bit, it should still be a great party!

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Meetings Galore

It was another delightfully soggy day for most of today.  Lovely to wake up to discover that Doris has so far left the hens' enclosure relatively undisturbed...extra struts have been added just in case, as she did manage to weaken it slightly the previous night, so fingers crossed she doesn't come back with a vengeance tonight.

Work as usual in the morning, with lots of orders made and sent out...a most productive Seahorse day.  I had to escape early though, for the first of tonight's meetings.  This was a Comann Eachdraidh one, where a lot was discussed.  Delighted to hear of the possibility of more Gaelic being brought back into Comann Eachdraidh life.  Looking forward to developments on that front.  

The second meeting of the evening is a Community Trust one...could be an interesting night!  Hopefully, we will be able to focus on the positives of the recent Bachuil Project feasibility study - even though the project didn't go ahead, a lot has been learnt which could benefit the island in the future.  Watch this space!  

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Shearing Day! sheep were harmed today!  For some time now, the boys have been in dire need of a haircut.  It was getting to the stage that I was about to choose baubles to put in their pleats or pony tails!  However, Daddy was banned from going near them with scissors or clippers due to what happened last time...he accidentally left the guard off and Alasdair spent several weeks impersonating a convict.  We eventually had to give in though, when they couldn't see out any more.  Think they're quite chuffed with their new hair styles!

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Farewell to an old neighbour

I'd a day off work today, but not one I really wanted.  Today was the funeral of Heather Smellie, who was a neighbour from the next lane in North Connel for around 30 years.  While it was a sad occasion, it was also a happy one, as so many memories of the fun, loving and caring person Heather was were shared.
It was lovely to see her family too, despite the sad circumstances and also to see so many former neighbours from the North Connel area.  As always on such occasions, it was a timely reminder to not lose touch with friends, old and new...all too soon, it can be too late to get back in touch.  Next step is going to be introducing the boys properly to North Connel...they know Grandma and Seanair's house and garden like the back of their hands, but they don't really know the rest of the area the same.  Operation familiarisation is imminent!