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Baked Eggs with cheese and mushrooms

Whole family meals in our house can be a bit challenging.The adults will eat almost anything, but with a relatively picky eight year old and a fussy beyond belief two year old, it’s not always easy finding something that everyone can, or rather will, eat.One meal ingredient that is guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s face though is egg.Mr. Fussy will eat just about any other meal item, as long as he can dip it in egg yolk.Mrs. Not Quite so Fussy (but still somewhat choosy) will almost certainly be demanding seconds if there’s egg involved, especially of the fried variety.Tasty though it is, if it’s a meal for the adults as well as the children, I tend to look for an alternative to simple fried egg and chips.A firm favourite in our house is Baked Eggs with cheese and mushrooms…or whatever else we happen to feel like adding to the mix on any given day!The beauty of this meal is that it can be resized to fit virtually any meal, for any number of people.When we had it most recently,…