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New Car day....again!

Well, we'll see how long this one we collected our latest "new" car, this time a Jeep Patriot.  We've somewhat lost confidence in Landrovers, since the demise of our Discovery 3 after only 8 or 9 weeks.  So far so good...not as roomy or as luxurious, but still very popular with the whole family...and if it goes, that's the main thing.  It might encourage us to travel a bit lighter for a change...or take a trailer!

Final Father's day push!

A much quieter day at work today, as the only order which will now make it in time for Father's Day are those who paid the astronomical Saturday guaranteed delivery charge...not many people were desperate enough to do that!  There were a few, though, as well as some stragglers who're just taking their chances on ordinary mail.   Yair wasn't much caring about Father's long as he got his dinner, he was happy!
And I even started catching up on all the blog posts I've been postponing...well, some of them anyway!

Sunday 4th June - and relax!

Time for a chill out after a frenetic couple of days

Saturday 3rd June - Oban Mod

Day two of the Mod and my turn this time.  I was on the verge of withdrawing from some competitions but went for some frantic cramming of words instead the night before.  I was pretty glad I did, as it meant I got 6 firsts, a second and a third.  It was lovely to get such encouragement and therefore inspiration to keep going at it all.

Friday 2nd June - Oban Mod

A long but relatively enjoyable day was had by all, with Alasdair competing in his first Mod...he came away with two gold certificates, while Ealasaid got a silver and a bronze.  Suspected tonsillitis meant she didn't do her usual million competitions, so she had a much more relaxed day than usual.  Hope it doesn't become a habit!