Guess what? Gardening!

So I decided that "work from home" meant complete said work before Monday, but not necessarily today.  Well, it was a dry, mainly sunny, not too windy and not even too cold day, so what else could I do?!  Tier one of my gutter garden along the fence is now complete...just waiting for Homebase to oblige with a delivery of more clips so that tier two can also be completed.  A lovely, long row of lettuce is now happily ensconced in tier one, which I was filling at one end before Colin had finished attaching the other end to the fence.  He was pleased!  Now I'm just hoping that the plants and soil will have a firm enough grip to withstand any gales or other severe weather.  
The hen houses were also given an internal makeover, which also meant I gained lots more manure for fertilising my raised beds.  
Colin had even more fun though, digging out my old raised beds, using the waste from there to fill in gaps along the fence so the dogs/ hens/ children can't escape.  My garden makeover exploits will either get him fit or kill this space!  I gave him moral support as he did all that though, if sitting at the table planting millions of seeds, passing comment now and again on his digging technique counts as moral support....I'm sure it does!  


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