Wednesday without internet!

It started as a normal day, but Wednesday soon became a rather challenging one, as the broadband on the entire island went off at 10 in the morning.  There was much consternation all round - hard to run an internet business without being able to access any orders; hard to submit assignments to the Open University without internet access; hard to find out if there are bookings for your holiday cottage when all bookings are made online...the list goes on.  And that's not even touching on the fact that there were countless families on the island forced to actually hold real, live, face to face conversations with each other!  Disappearing engineers and not very helpful call centres meant a lot of rather disgruntled BT customers on Lismore today!  Still, the passing Glensanda boats were oblivious to the issues of the Liosaich, as they got on with their own business nearby.  


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