Work, cars and bonfires

Back to work as usual, this sunny but windy Monday.  It's getting busier at Seahorse, so there were plenty of orders to get out.  Still managed to get home at lunchtime though, which meant I could burn the last of the garden rubbish from our clear up last week.  It took a few attempts due to the windy, but my pyromaniac skills won through in the end, so we now have a rubbish free garden.
It was a day of cars as well...the new discovery made its way to the garage to try to find out what's wrong with it.  The Kia came over to the island to be the second island car again to make life a bit easier.  The terrano had some work done on it by Colin and is now operational again...which I suppose technically means the poor wee Kia didn't have to come over. And, most importantly of all, the front of the van was cleared out for the boys (and miss Ealasaid as well, it has to be said!) to play around in.  There was much delight at this and various Dukes of Hazard style moves going on.  My poor wee van!!


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