Busy day off

I had a day off work today, which was a great chance to get lots of other stuff done.  The changeable weather meant that we couldn't get anything done outside, so it was the turn office's turn to get a makeover.  It was getting to the ridiculous stage in there, with piles of, erm, important paperwork and equipment...ok, so I mean mess...everywhere.  A few hours later and the transformation was more or less complete...and I have a good start for my next bonfire.  

Managed to fit in some photography after our fun and games in the office...this week's challenge on my photography course was pancake day related, so Colin had to crack about a million eggs and sift half a ton of flour and sugar so that I could play with shutter settings.  We now have industrial quantities of fairy cakes to eat, as we didn't fancy pancakes after all that!  


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