Quiet Sunday

We all headed off to Church in Oban, where we arrived as the Minister was welcoming everyone.  Hope he wasn't too distracted by Ruairidh yelling hello to Seanair and Seanmhair and waving madly at them!  After church, we went to drop off Dad's car at the garage for its pre-holiday service...fingers crossed it gets a clean bill of health.  Then it was up to Port Appin, to catch the 2pm ferry...much misery ensued as Ruairidh realised that Seanair and Seanmhair weren't coming over with us...not a happy bunny!  However, he was slightly pacified by the news that we do seem to have finally selected our new car...well, new to us anyway.  Unless it turns out only to have three wheels or something, we should soon be the proud owners of a Discovery 3...not the most up to date model, but no point getting anything too special, as it probably won't last 5 minutes in Pot-Hole-Ville aka Lismore.  Still exciting for little people though...and also for the big people, it has to be admitted!  


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