Uncle Ian's 70th Birthday Lunch - Andiamo, Giffnock

Despite our late night last night, we were all up bright and early to head off to Glasgow on the first boat.  The first excitement happened as we got off the boat, when we all got our first sight of the new car.  Needless to say, the boys were just thrilled with it...and the rest of us were quite chuffed too!  Lots of space for everyone and everything, drives beautifully and it's high enough off the ground to cope with most driving conditions.  
Off we headed to Andiamo in Giffnock, where we had lunch booked for all eight of us.  We'd been to the Andiamo in Milngavie before, but this was our first time here.  I have to say we did much prefer the space and light that the actual restaurant building in Milngavie has, but we were still in perfectly pleasant surroundings in Giffnock.  The staff were lovely - very friendly and helpful, even in the face of three pensioners, two frazzled parents and three tired but still lively children.  Nothing was too much trouble and we were served promptly but were not rushed.  The food was lovely - we all had different dishes and every plate was cleared.  Even the children ate everything that appeared in front of them...the boys even took some chicken goujons that they couldn't quite finish at lunchtime and had them for their dinner when we got home.  All in all, it was a lovely day for everyone.  


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