29 years

The 18th of January is a day I dread every year.  It's the anniversary of my Gran's death, 29 years ago this year.  It was the start of a rather horrible run of things, with someone really close to our family dying on the same date for several more years in a row after that. I'm always glad to get through the day without anything else horrible happening.  So far so good this year!  

One bright spot of the day, which recurs every single year, is Gran's cactus - it never fails to bloom on important dates, particularly today, the 18th of January and on her birthday, the 21st of June.  Hard to believe that not only is her cactus, which was her mother's before her, is still going strong despite being several decades old, but that it is so sensitive to the family that has nurtured it all those years.  Nature is a wonderful thing.  


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