Monday Madness

Mondays are always slightly crazy in our house, so I don't know why I'm picking this one out for the title of Monday Madness.  Today started with me running incredibly late because I was searching the house for something crucial Colin had forgotten to take with him when he left the house before me. Some considerable time into my frenetic search came the phone call to confess that he'd found the offending item on the floor of the car...ho hum!  

Off to work I (belatedly) toddled, to be met with lots of fellow commuters, who clearly weren't impressed at the intrusion on their mid-morning snack.  We exchanged a few pleasantries and parted on friendly terms, however.  

On arriving at work, there was an unspoken void, until Nicky told me that Miss Percy was no longer with us.  Tumours on her kidneys meant that it was time for her to join Nellie and so many other precious friends in that wonderful field in the sky.  Sleep tight, beautiful baby. xx


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