Mum's birthday

A very misty start to to the day had me worrying we might not get off the island this morning, but everything turned out just fine.  Off we all headed into Oban, where we would be meeting up with Mum and Dad, to have a family lunch to celebrate Mum's birthday.  

A lovely lunch at Piazza on Oban's North Pier was thoroughly enjoyed by all seven of us.  Still stunned by the size of the pizza Ealasaid managed to demolish, the huge plate of ice cream that disappeared courtesy of Ruairidh and the fact that Mum and Dad both managed one and a half Knickerbocker glories when Ealasaid and I had to admit defeat!

Think one of the best bits for the boys was the Loch Striven being berthed just outside the window - they're boat mad!  Another highlight was Grandma buying them cups with sharks in sunglasses on them...!  They would be put to good use later on for the boys' bedtime hot chocolate.
Back outside, and it was still a tad misty...managed to make the bay look quite magical though.  

Everyone then trooped back to North Connel for the grand present opening...don't think Mum was expecting anything more than her lunch out, but well....she needs to be spoiled now and again!

No prizes for guessing what her favourite present was!  Her Steiff Bear commemorating the 90th birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth will definitely be taking pride of place....assuming she ever stops cuddling it, that is!


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