A Productive Day Off

To begin with, we thought today was going to be a pretty lazy day with nothing much achieved.  However, after Colin got home from working with his ladies (Mairi and Marjorie), the general lethargy eventually gave way to action.  More rubbish was burnt, various bits and pieces were tidied up, the polytunnel was given a make-over (i.e. weeded!) and, most importantly of all, the hens were mucked out...fluffy new beds were laid all round, hospital corners made and duvets turned down for everyone...ok, maybe a slight exaggeration, but they were still pretty pleased!

The hens very kindly donated their former bedding to the raised beds, so fingers crossed they'll be even more productive once I come to plant them in a few more weeks.

The rhubarb is making at least one of the raised beds look a little bit less empty.

The boys had a busy day too, running wild around the garden.
Managed to get a quick snap of the first crocus and daffodil in the garden this year before they were trampled to death by the maniacs! 


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