Thursday, 16 February 2017

Quiet Thursday

Quite an uneventful day for once.  A quiet morning at work (though slightly frenetic towards post time, as the paint on a next day delivery order was being stubborn about drying in time!) was followed by a chilled afternoon at home with Colin and the children.  Well, as chilled as anything can be with the boys around...chilled was definitely not the word we were thinking when a strange smell started to waft through from the living room, which we discovered was coming from the melting plastic seat on Ruairidh's go-kart!  A very calm but to the point discussion was then held with said young man on the merits of leaving one's go-kart parked hard against the wood-burner, while the wood-burner is generating enough heat to warm the entire country!  The fire is now out and go-karts (and children) banished from anywhere near it.

To calm my nerves, I headed off upstairs to experiment a little more with the photo least inanimate objects can't cause chaos...can they?!

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