Oban & North Connel & back again

Today was a logistical challenge to say the least!  I left for Oban on the Achnacroish boat at 9am, peeping out of the passenger lounge to check if the guests staying in one of the holiday houses we manage were travelling home on that boat too.  Having ascertained that they were indeed on board, I then phoned Colin to tell him he could go ahead and prepare the house for the next guests.  He (and his 3 willing helpers) headed off to get on with their task, while I, upon arrival in Oban, headed off to Flora's to have my hair cut.  The troops then joined me in Oban, whereupon we embarked on a grand tour of several of the shops there, with a quick break to visit the ducks on the Black Lynn.

Then came the highlight of the day for two wee boys who've been missing their grandparents - a flying visit to Grandma and Seanair before we caught the (somewhat bumpy) ferry home.
Cruachan, from North Connel

There was much admiration for the skill of the ferrymen which allowed us to land against all odds.  The poor minister discovered 2 flat tyres on his car at Point, so while Colin changed a tyre, I admired the wonder of the waves being whipped up by the wind.  Lovely to reach home and batten down the hatches against the elements.


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