Super Saturday!

Today was pretty action packed for our family!  It started off with the first Fèis na h-Apainne of 2017.  It was a lovely, fun-filled day, but a difficult one too, as it was the first one without our beloved Mary.  The hardest part was going into the Gaelic classroom for the first time - it just doesn't seem the same place without her.  That said, Morag had lots of activities lined up for the wee ones (in our case, Alasdair and Ruairidh) who attend the Fèis Bheag.  It was more difficult to persuade them to participate than usual, as Mary was the one who could always get even the most reluctant child to join in with things.  However, once they got started, they managed to produce some colourful Valentine's themed artwork, join in some games and songs and even play a little bit of chanter.  

Ealasaid enjoyed her clarsach, dance and whistle classes and absolutely loved her music technology session, where she got to record everyone's efforts in group work.  Can't wait to hear the results.  I even managed to get time to sneak off to do a clarsach class myself, which was great as usual.  The Fèis AGM followed the important development there being the suggestion that we aim to put on a wee concert or performance of some kind towards the end of term as a tribute to Mary.  It'll be a difficult but very much desired event for everyone.  

We had to make a beeline home as quickly as possible after the Fèis, as I had an essential appointment to keep...with the rugby!  First half elation quickly turned to despair, followed by immense relief and much happy dancing!  Scottish rugby is wonderful for the soul but dangerous for the fingernails!   One of the best bits about the whole match though, was my dear friend Rhoda and me resurrecting our ancient tradition of sending frantic texts to each other throughout the game, detailing the deteriorating state of our respective fingernails.  So good to get back in touch again after way too long.  I also set out to do something constructive while watching the game, so I thought I'd do the ironing.  The first issue came when I realised I'd forgotten to switch the iron on...then once I did, we had the issue of me trying not to incinerate the clothes.  Maybe not my best idea!  Breathing and heart rate back to normal, it's finally time to relax after a long, but lovely day.  


  1. Yay - it was great texting with you! I'm so glad I didn't nap! Love all of these photos - they are all getting so grown up! :-O Lots of love xx

  2. Most definitely! I'd have had to swim over to Mull and sgleog you if you'd napped for that! They needed both of us to get them through the whole 80 minutes! I even let Colin in for the last 30 seconds of the match, once I was sure he couldn't jinx it (Ireland's first score coincided with him coming into the room, so he was barred!).

    You don't want to know how grown up some of those little, erm, treasures are getting...if we leave it much longer before we see you, Miss Ealasaid will be towering over you, never mind me...and yes, I do mean if you're standing...wearing high heels...on a step ladder...! xx


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