Not so super Sunday!

Well, it wasn't exactly a bad Sunday, just not exactly how we'd planned it.  Coughs and sneezes and general knacheredness meant we didn't make it off to Church, though Colin did manage a flying shopping trip to Oban for emergency supplies.  My big plans for achieving lots on my unexpected day at home came to an abrupt halt when some silly little muscle in my back decided to go on strike.  So the rest of my day was spent being pathetic and yelping a lot every time I moved.  Several hours later and I think I might be back to what passes for normal...just in time to go to bed!  Ho least the kids had a fun, chilled day, generally wreaking havoc and running wild.  Colin got to have a little bit more fun, checking on our horsey friends at Port Castle.   All present and correct and pleased to see him...or at least, pleased to see their dinner.  At least my enforced inactivity gave me a chance to send in my efforts for this week's weekend challenge on my photography course...minimalism/ negative space.


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