Photography Fun

It was work as usual in the morning...despite there just being the two of us today, Nicky and I managed to get out quite a creditable number of sacks of post.  Then in the afternoon, I headed off home, clutching some new photography equipment Nicky has bought for the business.  I'm lucky enough to get to try it out, photographing some of the Seahorse products for inclusion in another website.  I had to contain my impatience once I got home, as Grandma, Seanair and Ealasaid were heading off to the mainland - it's drama night.  This meant much organisation and a pair of rather unimpressed wee boys!  Once they were gone and wee boys, dogs, fish, chickens and adults were fed and some of that lot at least were in bed, I finally got a chance to play with the new equipment.  It's a photography shooting table, with soft boxes and daylight bulbs...looks quite impressive.  Set up was pretty straightforward, although a little challenging to begin with, as not only were there no instructions to speak of, but also no picture.  As I wasn't the one who bought the thing in the first place, this made life rather interesting, as I had no idea what I was aiming to build!  Think I've got it right though...either that or I've just constructed a deck chair and sun lamps!
Of course, I had to try photographing something before I switched off all the first victim of Nicky's lovely new Seahorse/ China Betty products was a Lucky Hare mug.  Still got to experiment more with the lights and so on, but quite pleased with the first attempt.  


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