Winter Walk

A beautiful but windy winter's day here in Lismore.  We didn't risk going off to Church in case the ferries were off, but it looks like it would have been ok after all.  Tomorrow's Calmac ferry is on amber alert already though - looks like it could be another bumpy day!  

Some locals we met en route

We left the car parked in Achnacroish yesterday, so today's adventure was a family walk there to pick it up.  All seven of us (Colin, myself, Ealasaid, Alasdair, Ruairidh, Collach and Liosach) all headed off on what must be one of the longest walks the boys have been on without getting really tired.  No one even hinted at needing a hug all walk long!

In fact, the boys (and dogs!) were as full of energy when we reached Achnacroish as they were when we set out.  And as for Ealasaid, the first thing she did when she got home was to go straight back out for a run!

It was a lovely walk though, freezing cold but with beautiful views all round of the snowy hills.

more locals...slightly worried we might want to share their snack!


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