Friday Fun!

A lazy morning for me, a hard working one for Colin, then it was all systems go for everyone in the afternoon.  Ruairidh demonstrated his artwork brought home from school - much pride!

I had a lovely big bonfire to clear up some more garden debris, while Colin rebuilt our storm damaged wood store.  It may not look like a lot to anyone else, but this neat woodpile represents a major transformation in our garden!
The plants on the patios also received a lot of tlc and both areas had a major clear up - the post storm garden had left a lot to be desired, but is now slowly getting back into shape.  

The boys were hard at work too - Alasdair got a prize for gaining 100 stickers in school, so he was running around clutching the first piece of artwork he completed using his prize (a lovely zip up pencil case, filled with lots of goodies).  He and Ruairidh had a ball "helping" with the garden work!
The last bit of tidying was interrupted by the beautiful sight of the moon rising over the hills...the views were absolutely stunning.


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